fredag 18 februari 2011


I've been lazy lately.

I have won most of my bets I've played on, and for those who don't know, I can explain how the odds work on betting.

Lets say I like the potential of a team on a match. For example Boston Bruins. They seem really fit and no injuries on their all-star players, and the team they are playing against are in a bad shape. That makes the game a relatively safe play (note that there are no safe plays in betting, but some are more secure to bet on than others).

So lets say it's early in the morning and the people who determine the odds haven't really looked into the games yet, the odds can be pretty weird. For example I picked up LA Kings at 2.20 against Edmonton Oilers a couple of weeks ago, of course I won that game. But what does 2.20 mean exactly?

Well, the higher the odds, the lower is the chance for them to win (hypothetically ofcourse). So 2.20 for LA kings means that they thought Oilers were gonna win that game (silly).

When you put money on a game, you want to get a return on your investment (ROI), if you bet $100 on LA Kings @ 2.20, you get $220  back if they win, which means you have won $120. For example I know a guy who laid his first bet a year ago or so, it was a volley ball match between Russia and Brazil. Brazil was at like 1.01 whilst Russia was at 100 something (100 times the money back), and the guy put $10 on Russia. Guess who won? Thats right, Russia won and his ROI was $990.

I will update if I bet on anything tonight.

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  1. Are you going to do an NCAA bracket this year? Got any picks to win the championship? My steam username is: wheelock btw.

  2. I've always had the feeling that bookies are the ones who always wins.

  3. i used to run some system so this stuff has always intrested me, keep em comming following ;)

  4. Sounds interesting. Keep updating please!

  5. I used to do something similar to this! keep up the good work!

  6. thanks for breaking that down for me. makes me want to make some bets on the longshots just to see what happens.

  7. Do you know about any good online betting info pages?